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On Wednesday morning we found an egg that had been laid in our classroom. The egg was surrounded by hay and we spotted footprints into the corridor and outside.
This inspired us to read our story called ‘The Egg’. We found out that George made his egg hatch by reading stories to it.
We decided that we would write our own stories and read them to the egg to help it hatch.

We are hoping that it will hatch today or tomorrow so we can find out what is inside.
We think it could be a dragon or a dinosaur.

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The Egg

Today in English we have started looking at our new book, The Egg by M P Robertson.


We haven’t read the book yet but we have gathered lots of ideas by looking carefully at the front cover to see what the book might be about.

We shared our ideas about what might be inside the egg, how it got there and what else the front over tells us. We made a mind map of these before orally composing some sentences.

Take a listen to some of our ideas.

Our sentences

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